How to become a MEMBER of AIDEA…

The Members of the Association may be Honorary Members, Ordinary Members or Corresponding Members.
Honorary Members shall be chosen among individuals who have achieved special merit within the objectives of the Association. The total number of such Members cannot exceed thirty (30).
Ordinary Members shall be chosen among individuals who have contributed significantly to the growth of Business Administration and Management studies

Corresponding Members shall be chosen among members and professionals who have shown a real interest in Business Administration and Management studies.


According to article 9 of the Statute, in order to be appointed as an Ordinary Member or as a Corresponding Member, applicants must submit a written application, together with a brief “curriculum vitae”, and they must be proposed by at least one Ordinary Member. 


The written application must be addressed to the Executive Committee, which shall carry out the appropriate investigations before reaching its own conclusions. The Assembly shall in no way be obliged to agree with the Committee’s judgment.