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European Academy of Management is a professional society for scholars in the field of management

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Online review of the Department of Management and Business Administration (DITEA) of  the University of Genoa

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IFSAM is an association of associations designed to foster the development of international scholarly activities directed at the understanding of management practices

Academy of Accounting Historians

Luca Pacioli The Father of Accounting
Luca Pacioli was one of the greatest men of the Renaissance. He is also one of the least well known. This is surprising, for Luca Pacioli’s manuscripts and ideas changed the way the world worked then, and continue to affect modern daily life.

American Accounting Association

Sinergie Review of studies and researches

CERGAS (Centro di Ricerche sulla Gestione dell’Assistenza Sanitaria)
Department of Business Administration – Faculty of Economics
Università Commerciale L. Bocconi – V.le Isonzo, 23 – 20123 Milano
Tel. +39.02.5836.2596 – +39.02.5836-2597 – Fax +39.02.5836.2598 – e-mail

CERGAS was established in 1978 with the aim of developing studies and researches on health systems, which will become increasingly important in the economic systems of developed and developing countries as well as in countries undergoing economic transition.  Institutional changes and the modernization of the management systems of the National Health Service in Italy, introduced in 1992, are monitored by the Osservatorio sulle Aziende Sanitarie Italiane (OASI) [Observatory on Italian Health Units], established in 1997. Since 1992, CERGAS has developed a study – research – training group for Not-for-profit and ‘Onlus’ institutions [i.e. Italian Not-for-profit institutions devoted to social services/charity].  The director of CERGAS is Professor E. Borgonovi ( ).

Centro di Ricerca sulle Organizzazioni Senza Scopo di Lucro
Department of Management and Business Administration (DITEA),  Faculty of Economics of  the University of Genoa, Via Vivaldi, 2 – 16126 Genoa – Tel. +39 010 209.5553 -5554 – Fax+39 010 209.5088 – e-mail

Established in Genoa, the Centro di Ricerca sulle Organizzazioni Senza Scopo di Lucro is a research centre focusing on not-for-profit organisations (“cenpro”). The director is Dottoressa Torre. In addition to research on not-for-profit issues, a second post-graduate course “Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations” is about to be introduced; the director of the course is Professor G. Giorgetti ( ).