The EMERGING SCHOLAR COLLOQUIUM, aims at giving the opportunity to young scholars (post. Doc and lecturers too) to discuss their research projects together with peers and discussants.

The Emerging scholar colloquium will discuss all the issues and topics related to finance, organization and management.

The Emerging Scholar Colloquium will be hold in English and it is scheduled for Sept, 9


Please use the 2015 AIDEA CONFERENCE  website to submit:

– an abstract (no less than 3,000 words) or a paper;

– CV

– brief description of the Ph. D thesis.

 Please be aware that only abstract or papers produced by young scholars (Ph.D, post doc or lecturer) will be considered, so no co-authorship with professors will be accepted for the Emerging Scholars Colloquium.

Acceptance date will be May, 8th, 2015

One of the sessions of the Emerging Scholars Colloquium will be focused on “how to get published”. It will be a round table with editors of international reviews and journals.

The best paper/research project will be awarded.

It is possible to submit the paper to the traditional conference AND to the Emerging Scholar Colloquium.

The selection process will be based on the following criteria:

1 – innovativity;

2 – methodological appropriateness

3 – relevance of the res