Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal has decided to devote a Special Issue on “language translation in accounting”.

 Guest editors (Lisa Evans and Rania Kamia) encourage submissions that address topics relating to language, culture and translation in accounting, auditing and accountability. Possible topics may include, but are not restricted to:

  •  Limits of equivalence in accounting translation.
  •  Problems and opportunities of ambiguity in accounting terminology.
  • Translation and power: communication, dissemination, legitimisation, lobbying, social change, (post-)colonialism.
  • Ideological, cultural, social, legal and/or political implications of translation and non-translation in accounting
  • Cognitive and cultural bias and vested interests in translation.
  • English as a lingua franca: cultural dominance, values, identities and ideologies.
  • Transformation of accounting systems and cultures, professions, societal and (inter-)cultural contexts of change.
  • Professional socialization in international contexts.
  • International accounting education.
  • Accounting history across languages and cultures: translation and language change.
  • Implications for standard setting, consultation and the IASB due process.
  • Implications for implementation of international accounting rules/standards.
  • Probability/uncertainty expressions in accounting standards.
  • Translations of rules versus principles.
  • Economic implications of accounting translation.
  • Accounting research across languages and cultures: research instruments, narratives, experiments, surveys, interviews and oral history, theoretical frameworks in translation (Foucault, Bourdieu, Weber, Habermas etc.).
  • Implications for translation of the dissemination of research findings in English language academic journals.


Initial submission deadline: 30 June 2017. The link for submissions will open in early 2017.

For more details: