The Department of Management and Economics of the University of Trento is organizing the MULTI-ACT/CSEAR Seminar “POST NORMAL SCIENCE: EXPLORING COLLECTIVE ACCOUNTABILITY” in Trento on the 6th of March 2019.


The aim of the Seminar is to engage with post normal science (PNS) approach and discuss about its potential application to different fields of research by bringing together people with different background (accounting, sustainability, brain diseases). For this purpose, four distinguished speakers will participate in the event, including Silvio Funtowicz, who, together with Jerome R. Ravetz, introduced the concept of post-normal science as an alternative approach to the traditional individual agency, top-down approach of science.


It will be possible to attend the seminar physically or through webinarThe seminar is free of charge, but registration is required before 25th February, 2019.


More information on the event and the registration link is available at: