Call for papers

2023 – Corporate governance dynamics and management control systems innovations (Deadline: 30 December 2023) con il seguente link:

2023 – Governance and accounting regulation (Deadline: 26 March 2023)
2021 – Leveraging Intersections in Management Theory and Practice (Deadline: 31 December 2021)
2020 – Performance, management and governance in the digital age (New Deadline: 31 March 2021)
2020 – Performance measurement systems in universities: Threats or opportunities for governance? (Deadline expired)
2019 – Corporate Governance of Sustainability (Deadline expired)
2019 – Digital Transformation and Firm Internationalization: Antecedents, Features and Consequences (Deadline expired) 2018 – Governance and Accounting Regulation (Deadline expired)
2018 – Sustainability Issues and Governance in Emerging Economies (Deadline expired)
2018 – New challenges in reporting on Corporate Governance (Deadline expired)
2017 – Corporate Growth, Sustainability and Business Ethics in 21st Century (Deadline expired)
2017 – Emerging issues in management and governance in the paradoxical age of globalization: a low growth-rate world economy, hyper-change and sustainability (Deadline expired)
2017 – The Role of Intellectual Capital and Integrated Reporting in Management and Governance: A Performative Perspective (Deadine expired)
2017 – Corporate Social Responsibility & Governance (Deadline expired)
2017 – Service Business innovation: implications on governance, management accounting and control (Deadline expired)

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